Ibelieve that the Art Therapy Process can be defined as using image making for its best and highest calling... that is to aid people and humanity in moving toward healing and wholeness. In the therapy process people produce objects with paint, pencils, pastels, clay, collage pictures, beads, found objects, and whatever else will work for them. Sometimes I make a suggestion as to what might be an interesting focus point, however, people are always free to explore however they are led.

But I have no “art talent” (my 3rd grade teacher said so)
All the better to be free from the concern that whatever “product” you create will be judged! Art in the Therapy Process is never “good” or “bad”… it is exactly what it is supposed to be. It has a story to tell us, or even a path to create. The very Process of creating art can FREE us of the need to judge, criticize, or intellectualize feelings, and therefore is healing.

Do I have to do Art Therapy?
No. I have many tools and techniques with which assist you walk down the path of your choosing.

Why does my daughter/son love to come to see you Carolyn? Is it because you have a room full of toys?
Well, yes that is one reason. They know that I have assembled these toys for them to use in any way they need to process and explore their worlds. Play is the language of children, so toys are like the words. Children naturally experience their world, hence I do experiential therapy with children. Or, I should say that I am present, available, and supportive for them as they use the objects in the room. That is the second and most important reason that children like to come here...I am present for them, they sense and feel that they are emotionally and physically safe, respected, their feelings are honored. It's a healing relationship.

My child/teen has intellectual and/or physical challenges…can you help?
I have eight years of experience working with children and their families through the regional center in northern California.